Cross-Legged Competition

Since 1993, the Gurmat Center has hosted an annual cross-legged competition. This event has seen over 160 students of all ages enthusiastically participate in a challenge to see who can sit cross-legged for the greatest length of time. The children are divided into 3 grade groups ranging from kindergarten to grade 12. Reciting Mool Mantar Jaap during the competition, the children are given the opportunity to develop Sikh values of patience and meditative focus.

Prizes are awarded for every hour that the children maintain the cross-legged position. The longer they sit, the more elaborate the prizes! All participants receive full-colour certificates that record their names and sitting times The top 3 winners of each category are recognized during Sunday Youth & Family Darbar with amazing trophies and a lot of encouragement from families, friends and Sangat.



  • Preschool - Grade 3: Hartaj Singh Brar - 5 hrs., 5 minutes (Set in 2020)
  • Grades 4 - 7: Chandandeep Singh Pandher - 7 hrs., 40 minutes (Set in 2015)
  • Grades 8 - 12: Jasanpreet Kaur Jhajj - 7 hrs., 15 minutes (Set in 2013)



  • Chandandeep Singh Pandher - 7 hrs., 40 minutes (Set in 2015)