Who We Are

Established in 1993, Gurmat Center is a youth-focused, non-profit school created to foster a sense of belonging and instill strong values in the future of tomorrow: our children. Gurmat Center aims to educate Sikh youth in their cultural language, Gurmukhi script (Punjabi alphabet) and allow them to explore their Sikh identity in a safe and supportive environment.

What We Offer

Gurmat Center incorporates a variety of motivating activities and a curriculum that has been designed by experienced and certified educators. Teachers are proficient in knowing how to truly reach the hearts and minds of our future generation. Gurmat Center strives to achieve its goals by listening to valuable input from students, parents, teachers, and members of the wider community.

Our Mission Statements

  • To provide students with an atmosphere that encourages religious development while partaking in a vast array of activities.
  • To inspire students to discover pride, self-awareness and a sense of responsibility to the Sikh nation.
  • To serve as a resource and focal point to Sikh students and the community of Abbotsford.

A Sikh Center Dedicated to Sikh Youth 

Life is a journey in which we are all faced with many uncertainties. The best decisions can only be made when an individual has been graced with the resources and knowledge base of Sikh philosophy. The Sikh religion has divided human life into three stages; childhood, adulthood and old age. 

Although the holy Sikh scriptures urge everyone to follow the path of God at all times in their life, there is no greater gift than receiving the knowledge of ‘Gurmat’ from a very young age. Gurmat is: “the Guru’s way." Gurmat means to always keep the Guru in mind at all times and in every decision. Gurmat guides the follower to hear, speak, see and act as the Guru’s did. Childhood is the first and most crucial stage in life. 

It is in this stage that a child will form habits and moral values that will stay with them for life. The philosophy of the Sikh religion and the attempt of Gurmat Center is to cultivate the seed of Gurmat into young children so that they will grow to be respectful, responsible and productive members of the Sikh nation. 

This responsibility ultimately belongs to parents. Religious institutes are convenient, but the actual breeding ground for good character and moral values is the home. Parents must also embrace the ideals of the Sikh faith and only then will they have the tools with which they can face the uncertain obstacles of life. We have all dedicated ourselves to different duties and responsibilities. Gurmat Center has dedicated itself to Sikh youth.

The original name of the organization is “Maharaja Dalip Singh Gurmat Education Center.” The founders felt that it was appropriate to name the school after Maharaja Dalip Singh because his tragic life story serves as a reminder of what happens when children are taken out or distanced from their natural environment.  Although the young Sikh generation of today is not in the same situation as Maharaja Dalip Singh was, negative influences of society and lack of religious training by parents tend to produce the same results; loss of identity, lack of knowledge, absence of pride and a readiness to follow cultures latest fads. Thus, Gurmat Center was established to do it’s part by helping students recognize the responsibility they have to themselves and to the Sikh nation. This responsibility is to learn, maintain the lifestyle, and then teach others.

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