How to Register


If you have already registered online for any other class/event before, SIGN IN, located above YOUR DETAILS.  If you have forgotten your email or password, call the Gurmat Center office for assistance. 

If you are registering online for the first time, continue reading below

  1. Click on the class/event you are registering for
  2. Select how many children are registering
  3. Leave COURSE & TEACHER empty.
  4. Click on INFO to learn more. After reading the information, click OK.
  5. Click BOOK 
  6. YOUR DETAILS: Here, you must put in a parent’s information
  7. PARTICIPANTS: This refers to the children’s information.
    1. Select NEW PERSON
    2. Fill in all the required information (note: email is NOT required)
  1. CHECKOUT: Fill in all the required information
  2. You may click on 'Add booking' if you are doing another registration 
  3. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking in the small square
  5. Review the confirmation email