Our School

Established in 1993, the Gurmat Center is a youth-focused, non-profit school created to foster a sense of belonging and instill strong values in the future of tomorrow: our children. The Gurmat Center aims to educate Sikh youth in their cultural language, the Gurmukhi script (Punjabi alphabet) and allow them to explore their Sikh identity in a safe and supportive environment.

This Saturday, after engaging in an hour of Simran, the Sangat enjoyed a wonderful waffle breakfast! Come join us every Saturday from 7-8 am for Simran Club. #gurmatcenter #simranclub #wafflebreakfast For our monthly GCY event, participants attended the 3rd annual GNA Talks Conference. Three very motivating  speakers discussed the concepts of motherhood, love and inspiration and how it connects to Sikhi through their social media platform, poetry and art. #gurmatcenter #GCY #gnatalks #gnatalksconference2019 Today our Sikh Studies class had their monthly movie night. This month’s movie was ’Shaheed Udham Singh.’ The Sikh Studies students will have discussion about this movie in their upcoming classes. The students also got to enjoy some yummy burgers and fries for dinner and ice cream sundaes for dessert! #gurmatcenter #sikhstudies #movienight The Gatka teacher and volunteers work hard to teach Gatka to our beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Students have the opportunity to practice with a variety of Shastars. #gurmatcenter #gatka The time lapse covers over five and a half hours of participants sitting in a cross-legged position. Throughout the competition, students recited Mool Mantar Jaap. #gurmatcenter #crossleggedcompetition The 26th annual Cross-Legged Competition was a great success! With over 100 participants from preschool to grade 12, students maintained a cross-legged position for as long as possible. Participants received individualized certificates, prizes for every hour and trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd  place in each age group. #gurmatcenter #crossleggedcompetition #prizes