Our School

Established in 1993, the Gurmat Center is a youth-focused, non-profit school created to foster a sense of belonging and instill strong values in the future of tomorrow: our children. The Gurmat Center aims to educate Sikh youth in their cultural language, the Gurmukhi script (Punjabi alphabet) and allow them to explore their Sikh identity in a safe and supportive environment.

Campers learn all about Guru Nanak Dev Jee as we celebrate Guru Jee’s 550th Prakash Divas. #gurmatcenter #gurmatcamp #GuruNanakDevJee #Sevadars Campers and volunteers start the day off everyday with Darbar. Afterwards, classes rotate through a variety of classes such as Gatka, Sikh History, Gurmat and Arts & Crafts. Campers also enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our amazing parent volunteers and spend time playing outside and jumping in the bouncy castle. #gurmatcenter #springcamp With 200 campers and over 70 volunteers, Spring Camp is off to a great start! Today, we were very fortunate to have Bhai Amardeep Singh Jee join us as a guest speaker. Campers enjoyed a wonderful food menu, completed pointillism & tissue paper art, enjoyed sports & games & so much more!! #gurmatcenter #springcamp #arts #learning #fun Sevadars have been working long and hard in order to prepare for our upcoming Spring Camp. On Saturday, Seva Club members spent 8 hours preparing Gurmat Center for camp. Today, all 70 of our Spring Camp volunteers attended an orientation to familiarize themselves with the team and camp. #gurmatcenter #springcamp #volunteers #gurmatcamp One of Gurmat Center’s longest running programs is the Sunday Youth & Family Darbar. Starting in 2001, this program was the first ever weekly Youth Darbar that offered Katha in English. The Darbar’s initiative is to inspire the youth to learn and take steps towards Sikhi. #gurmatcenter #youthdarbar #since1993 #learn During Sunday Youth & Family Darbar, the cross-legged competition participants who placed first, second and third were recognized for their achievement. These are this year’s winners from all three age groups. #gurmatcenter #crossleggedcompetition #winners