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Established in 1993, the Gurmat Center is a youth-focused, non-profit school created to foster a sense of belonging and instill strong values in the future of tomorrow: our children. The Gurmat Center aims to educate Sikh youth in their cultural language, the Gurmukhi script (Punjabi alphabet) and allow them to explore their Sikh identity in a safe and supportive environment.

Final exams for all Punjabi classes have officially begun! Writing exams are taking place this week followed by the reading, numbers and Dharmic exam. #gurmatcenter #punjabi #finalexams Level 5 Sikh Studies students and Seva club members attended the annual Sikh Pioneers field trip. Students did Chaupai Sahib at the site of Bhai Mewa Singh Jee’s hanging, explored the Kamagata Maru Museum and exhibit, visited the memorial of the first ever Gurdwara Sahib in North America (1688 W 2nd Ave Vancouver) and got a guided tour of the oldest Gurdwara Sahib standing in North America (Abbotsford). Today was a day of much learning and remembrance. #gurmatcenter #fieldtrips #sikhpioneers #history Today, Sevadars visited the ‘Lapata. And the Left Behind.’ exhibition in Vancouver, organized by Khalsa Aid. This exhibit shares the untold story of human rights injustices in Punjab where Sikh families lost loved ones, still awaiting answers and justice. This exhibit is open in Vancouver until May 7, followed by Toronto, London, New York, San Francisco, & India. #gurmatcenter #Lapata #KhalsaAidCa #KhalsaAid Today volunteers took part in our Year-end Notes Meeting! Having done Seva in their specific departments for nearly a year now, volunteers shared their valuable experiences, provided feedback, and engaged in self reflection. Nearly 70 volunteers who engage in weekly Seva will be recognized for their time, energy and commitment at our Annual Awards Ceremony in June! Members of the administration team had a very productive meeting today with Sue Federspiel, city of Abbotsford’s Community Developer where they discussed ways to further increase involvement in the community. Lots of new and exciting projects to come in the future! #gurmatcenter #cityofAbbotsford #community #projects Yesterday, students in Gr.9 and higher came together for the 35th monthly GCY event. Followed by Rehras Sahib, Gagan Kaur from Edmonton led a discussion about mental health. Students discussed what mental illnesses are, wellbeing techniques and the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Afterwards, students enjoyed homemade burgers and fries for dinner! #gurmatcenter #GCY #youth