Role of Parents

It is important that parents become seriously active in their child’s education and only then will students fully benefit from the learning experience. Enrolling children in a variety of educational and religious classes and programs is a great start, however, learning must begin at home from a young age. The end result of parent involvement, good education and proper religious teaching is a proud Sikh student who will serve the Sikh nation according to the teachings of the Gurus. Religious schools are a great way to educate students, but the ultimate learning grounds that form healthy lifestyles are our homes. Parents must practice what they preach and embrace Sikhi to the fullest of their abilities. We encourage parents to consistently help and monitor their child’s education. Parents must support students with their homework, answer their questions and encourage them if they are struggling. Parents are instructed to keep clear and open communication between their child, the teacher and themselves. With the support of parents, children are able to succeed in their education and continue learning. 



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