Punjabi Classes Begin


Level 1: This introductory course focuses on the basics of the Punjabi language in an exciting and interactive way. Students will have fun learning how to recognize all the letter shapes and sounds of the Gurmukhi alphabet. Students will also learn how to join letters together to form simple words and will be able to count to 50 in Punjabi.

Level 2: This course focuses on the next step of the Punjabi language building. Students will have fun learning the shapes and sounds of all 9 vowel symbols and 6 sound modifiers. Students will also learn to read, write, and form different words using all the vowels, and be able to count to 75 in Punjabi.

Level 3: In this final level of Punjabi class, course content heavily focuses on grammar. Students will learn about gender, singular/plural and tenses. Emphasis will also be placed on reading and writing techniques along with vocabulary building exercises.This course is a continuation of Punjabi level 2 and focuses on advanced topics of the Punjabi language. In addition, students will learn to count to 100 in Punjabi.