New Entrance/Exit

Submitted by Gurmat on Wed, 11/11/2020 - 18:15



As per the Gurdwara Management Committee's request, effective immediately, all Gurmat Center volunteers, students and parents must use the Nishaan Sahib area as the official entrance and exit when attending classes.
Please keep the following procedures and rules in mind:
  • Ensure that you are keeping six feet distance from all students and parents
  • Students and volunteers can remove their shoes upon entry in the designated shoe rack
  • Parents must wear a mask if they are coming inside
  • Sevadars will be standing by the entrances and sidewalk to guide you for the first 2 weeks
  • Punjabi Challenge exam students will not be using the Nishaan Sahib doors
  • After class is over, students can walk from the outside Nishaan Sahib area to the side entrance by the park and wait inside by the window for their ride
  • This procedure is only applicable for classes that take place from Monday to Friday
Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we transition to a new entrance and exit way!