Gurbani Rewards Program

  1. The Gurbani Rewards Program is open to students that are officially registered at the Gurmat Center.
  2. Gurmat Center students must be enrolled in Level 4, Level 5, or Level 6, in order to be eligible to participate, and therefore, age is not a factor.
  3. Each student must register individually.
  4. There is no registration fee.
  5. Contestants will be asked to recite their choice of Gurbani, as indicated on the other side of this form, from memory, with the proper “Visram” (pause for meaning).
  6. The contestant will be disqualified if they:
    1. Forget any part of the Gurbani.
    2. Consistently forget or misread the Visrams.
    3. Repeat a line or shabad over and over.
  7. A registered participant may attempt each Bani that they have chosen, one time only for the duration of the competition.
  8. All winners will receive their prizes during the Annual Awards Ceremony, in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee.
  9. If you do not successfully read any Bani, you may attempt to do that Bani next year, as long as you are a registered student in Level 4, Level 5, or Level 6.
  10. Once a participant receives a prize for a particular bani, they are not permitted to attempt that same bani for a prize ever again.
  11. All registered participants will be scheduled an appointment to recite their bani(s) during the month of May. Appointments will be scheduled according to the teacher’s availability.