Exclusive Offer: Family Referral Discount Inside! 💰

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Exclusive Offer: Family Referral Discount Inside! 💰


Dear Gurmat Center families,

Thank you so much for enrolling your children at Gurmat Center and being valuable members of the Gurmat Center family. We are pleased to be a part of your children’s Punjabi and Sikhi education.

To encourage registration of new children, Gurmat Center is offering a FAMILY REFERRAL discount. Read carefully to learn how you can get this discount. (Registration opens on June 16)

For every new family that you refer to Gurmat Center, you will receive a $25 discount on your child’s registration.

  • The discount will not apply for you if you already had children registered in classes but are registering a new child from your family for the first time.

  • The discount will only apply to one class. If your child is registered in multiple classes, the discount will not apply for each class.


  • Once the new family is registered, you can receive your discount by coming to the Gurmat Center office.

  • In order to claim your discount, the new family must be registered, and you must be registered. The discount can only be applied if both families are registered in the system.

  • Refund policy: In the event that you or the new family require a refund, the discount will be non-refundable.


  • The early-registration discount will be available from June 16 – June 30, 2024 (refer to the chart below).

  • Like last year, packages will also be offered for each student that registers in more than 1 class (refer to the chart below).

Registration for the new school year starts on Sunday, June 16, 2024.