Movie Week!

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During the last week of classes, students will watch a fun movie as a way to conclude the school year.
  • Students are not required to wear uniform this week.
  • If students attend multiple classes, they only need to come once during movie week.
  • Punjabi class volunteers will attend movie week (no uniform required).
  • Everyone will receive a snack.
  • More important information regarding the Awards Ceremony will be provided on the movie day.

Please see the movie week schedule below: 
  • Monday, May 30: Level 1, Level 6 Pt.1 & Pt. 2, & Kirtan Intermediate
  • Tuesday, May 31: Level 1
  • WednesdayJune 1: Level 3
  • ThursdayJune 2: Level 2, Level 4 (M/TH) & Gatka
  • FridayJune 3: Level 2, Level 4 (T/F), Level 5, & Kirtan Beginners

Refer to the chart below to see which classroom students will be watching the movie.