Canada's Food Guide

Have you seen the new Food Guide?

The government of Canada updated the food guide in early 2019 and made a few changes. This new food guide is designed to be relevant to all Canadians. 

Here is the NEW Canada's Food Guide:

Key Messages from the NEW Canada's Food Guide:

  • Keep your plate balanced by filling it with:
    • 50% of fruits and vegetables
    • 25% of protein foods
    • 25% of grain products
  • Make water your drink of choice!

The aim of the Canada's Good Guide is to help you choose foods that:

  • improve health
  • meet nutrient needs
  • reduce the risk of nutrient-related chronic (long-term) diseases and conditions

The Canada's Food Guide website has a lot of recipes that you can also check out! 

For more information, go to the Canada's Food Guide website. They also provide resources in Punjabi for easier access!