Shaheedi Smagam Candy Bag Drive Thru

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Candy bags will be distributed through the Candy Bag Drive Thru for students that sign up and virtually attend the event.

  • Students must sign-up by Friday, October 30, 2020 to be eligible for a candy bag.
  • Parents must drive their children to Gurdwara Sahib Kalgidhar Darbar after the virtual program is over to receive candy bags. Please see below for specific instructions and a map of the route. 
  • Drive thru time: 7:15 - 8:15 PM. Please do not arrive before 7:15 PM. 
  • In order to receive candy bags, we will require proof that you attended the event. Make sure to watch the entire program to find out about more details regarding this!



  1. Enter Gurdwara through main entrance (west side) only and follow the cones around the parking lot. 
  2. Stop at the "ticket tent" where Sevadars will check proof that you attended the event and that you signed up all children for Shaheedi Smagam online. No sign-up and proof = no candy bag. All students eligible for a candy bag must come with their parents to the drive-thru. Sevadars will then provide you with a ticket for each eligible child. 
  3. Proceed to drive through the undercover area to receive your candy bag(s) from Sevadars. 
  4. Stop off at the "Donation Station" if you would like to donate for the event. Donations will be accepted with credit card, cheque, or cash. You will need to park and step outside your vehicle to donate.

Click here to sign up (required to receive candy bag)



We are asking all families to help support this free event through donations. Donations will help cover the cost of candy bags.

  • Donate online:
  • Donate at Gurmat Center's Dharm Parchar Store (credit card, cash, or cheque)


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