17th Annual Shaheedi Smagam

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As in the past 16 years, Gurmat Center will be remembering the great Shaheeds of the Sikh nation at the 17th Annual Shaheedi Smagam. Gurmat Center’s goal has always been to promote the message of Sikhi and to remember the legacy of our brave Shaheeds. The Shaheedi Smagam is always held on the 31st of October so our youth can spend a wonderful evening with Sangat.
 All celebrations are great but to forget our own history is an injustice to our future generation. Let’s help our children realise how great their Sikh heritage is and bring them out to Gurmat Center on Thursday, October 31, 2019. They will receive a bag of candy in place of the time they would spend trick or treating. At the same time, they will entire evening filled with fun and excitement including pizza, french fries, ice-cream sandwiches, treats, prizes, and Gatka demos. The program begins at 5:00 pm and will end approximately at 9:00 pm. Ticket wristbands will be distributed between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. Children must arrive no later than 5:00 PM to receive a wristband.

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We are asking all families to help support this free event through donations and Seva. The following are areas in which we would greatly appreciate your assistance. You do not have to contribute the full amount, and can donate a portion of a particular item. You can donate at the office or online! If you would like to purchase a specific item(s) from the list, please contact the office to book the item(s) and receive more details