GC's 74th Youth Group on Sat. Dec 30 - Join us!

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GC's 74th Youth Group on Sat. Dec 30 - Join us! ☬

Gurmat Center Youth Program

<<First Name>> <<Last Name>>, Gurmat Center will be having its 74th youth group program on Saturday, December 30, 2023. GCY is a safe space for youth in high school and university to explore Gurmat without any judgement. The environment at GCY fosters a healthy sense of belonging with Sangat, and inspires all to further pursue Sikhi. We sincerely hope you can attend!


Gurvinder Singh, aged 25, was born and raised in the Fraser Valley. He will discuss the hardships Sikhs face growing up in western society with peer pressure and societal constructs, all while trying to stay on the path of Sikhi. He will share his personal experiences and struggles he faced growing up.

Please sign up for this event by replying to this email. In your reply, please mention if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.

If you would like to do Rehras Sahib Seva or Ardaas Seva, please let us know in your reply to this email!