Sunday Youth and Family Darbar- May 21, 2023

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On May 21 at Sunday Youth and Family Darbar, we had the honour of having Bhai Bikramjit Singh Jee as our guest speaker. Bhai Sahib presented on the importance of Simran and the great effects it can have in our lives. Bhai Bikramjit Singh has a long history with Gurmat Center. They were first introduced to Gurmat Center during the 300th Khalsa celebrations in April 1999. Bhai Sahib also had the honor of being one of the first English speaking Parchariks at Gurmat Center, when GC’s trademark Sunday Darbar started in 2001. Bhai Sahib also served as a Director of Gurmat Center Society for 8 years. During those years, Bhai Sahib attended many Parchar trips with Gurmat Center in BC, Alberta, and Washington. It’s always a privilege and honor when long time Sevadars come back and spend time with GC Sangat.