Winter Newsletter

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Winter Newsletter

We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! In this issue of our seasonal newsletter, you will find out what has happened since September along with upcoming events in the new year. Despite the challenging circumstances we have faced, we thank Guru Maharaj for allowing us to adapt, figure out new ways to educate and pursue the mission of engaging learners, supporting students, and building community.

This happened...

Classes Begin

Students were welcomed back in late September with the start of our Punjabi, Santhia, Sikh Studies, Kirtan, and Gatka classes. 

Advanced Sikh Studies  

We are please to continue our Advanced Sikh Studies class now for the second year. The topic for this course is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. In this class, students have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge of Gurmat in the supportive and engaging environment. 
Gurmat Center Youth 
 We are so fortunate to have amazing guest speakers come out to our GCY events! We have held three events since September and are looking forward to our next event on Saturday, January 29th. 

SYFD Restarts

Sunday Youth and Family Darbar restarted in November. This is a program for children and families to learn more about Sikhi through Kirtan and English Katha. 

Candy Packing

Sevadars prepared 250 bags of candy in preparation for our candy bag drive thru. The drive thru was a part of our Virtual Shaheedi Smagam. See below for details about that event! 

Virtual Shaheedi Smagam 

Our 19th annual Shaheedi Smagam event was a success! Thank you to everyone who tuned into the live event! Although this event was unlike previous years, together we were able to commemorate the Shaheeds of 1984 & remember the atrocities inflicted on the Sikh Nation by the Indian government. After the virtual event, it was very heartwarming to safely see and say hello to Sangat during the candy bag drive thru!
Check out the event live stream here!

Challenge Exam Preparation

The Punjabi Challenge exam class helps students revise their Punjabi reading, writing and speaking skills for students who wish to include Punjabi on their educational transcripts. Harnek Singh Jee has been helping students prepare for these provincial exams since 2002! These classes were offered in November and December. 
Midterm Exams & Parent Teacher Interviews
Midterm exams took place in late November & early December. Students in Punjabi, Santhia & Sikh Studies classes were tested on material covered since September. Exam were followed by parent teacher interviews to discuss student progress and exam results. 
After midterm exams and parent teacher interviews, teachers and the administration team met to discuss feedback and areas of improvement for coming years.